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Ar 10

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On another thread AR 10's were brought up. And damn if I didn't start thinking about this. There is little information on the rifle so I am looking to see what you have to say.

What's available, what do you like and why?
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Remington R-25

Classic Eugene Stoner design - 20 inch barrel, can use Magpul LR-308 P-mags (including the new 25 round version); low profile gas block so no interference with optics - but you can mount iron sights if you want to; rifle length gas system for reliable operation; aluminum upper, lower and tubular hand guard; hydro dipped in Realtree camo; A2 butt stock so you can carry cleaning kit and spare parts; reportedly sub-MOA (had to move because of new job before I could go shoot mine); also accepts DPMS metal 19 round mags, and comes with four round mags so it is legal to hunt with in most states; muzzle crown for enhanced accuracy; sling studs for bipod and sling; and made in America.

There are less expensive AR-10 style rifles (DPMS), more expensive (KAC, LaRue, Les Baer, LWRC REPR, LMT MWS, etc.) but for the price ($1329) the Remington is tough to beat, in my opinion.

I looked at AR-10s for years, and that R-25 just kept calling me back to look at it. So I bought one....
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The SIG 716 looks like it would be a great carbine - piston gun, too.

I still dream of owning a Heckler & Koch MR762A1. That is the one I am saving my pennies for now....

Had one in my hands for $3499...should have bought it. Just seemed like an almost obscene amount of money to plunk down on a rifle.

One day.... It is on the bucket list.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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