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Anything Wrong With using Polymer-Coated Steel Case Ammo in Guns ?

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I know we all like to stock up on ammo best we can, also stay in practice with our weapons. As I am always looking for the best deals on ammo, I keep running across these Russian polymer-coated steel case ammo. Of course in my Mosin-Nagant, I buy this without second thought, I figured it was what it was made to use, but in my other guns I am honestly, quite leary. Now this ammo is non-corrosive, but still I have a hang up with steel case ammo even if it is polymer coated.
I am not going to claim I have the best weapons money can buy, but I think I have good quality weapons, and I don't want to do damage to them trying to save a few dollars on ammo. Is this steel case ammo ok to fire in these weapons?, or would a person be causing undue wear on weapons designed to handle brass-cased ammo? Anyone have an opinion, I'd like to read it, thanks. -dave-
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My solution is to run steel cased ammo through guns that were designed with steel cased ammo in mind and brass cased ammo through guns that were designed with brass cased ammo in mind.

Yes I have interchanged steel and brass, though I tend not to mix them within a caliber. I've only had one issue with steel cased ammo and that was with one mini 30 that absolutely becomes a jamming single shot with any/all steel cased ammo.

The problem appeared to involve port pressure and primer thickness. I ditched the steel cased CPI spec ammo and switch over to brass cased Sammi spec ammo and it shot like it was supposed to shoot. Accurately and with a high degree of reliability. YMMV
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I know our gun range won't allow steel to be used as it damages the wall. Not sure where you practice as this may not be an issue, but that is the rules at our indoor pistol and rifle range.
Are you referring to steel jacketed bullets, our outdoor range doesn't allow the use of steel jacketed bullets during the summer months because of the increased likelihood of starting a range fire (flint and steel). Which has happened on two occasions that I know of. One minor fire and one more serious fire.
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