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I realize most of the people on this forum are probably male, but I'm sure this is still relevant to your family. :D

Anyone using moon cups/diva cups? Ever since I got my period at 12 my mom has been trying to get me to use applicator-less tampons to reduce waste, so I one-upped her and got one of these things like a year ago. It's great. Main points...

-Cost me about £15 (equivalent to 4 boxes of tampons, which would've lasted me about 2 months)
-Lasts for years and years (forever, theoretically)
-Easily washable (dishwasher or soap and water at the end of your period, just a rinse off while you're still using it)
-Much less prone to problems if left in for long periods
-No waste from applicators, tampons etc.
-Fantastic if you need to be active, perfectly comfortable and effective. I've lifted weights with mine, 70 kg squats and no problems. Also fine when swimming, even.
-Collects more liquid, needs changed far less often

Those last two are particularly important if you're bugging out, I think. I think I'm going to buy another one or two and stick them in the cupboard just in case the one I've got craps out for some reason. I've heard of people making and using fabric menstrual pads, which also cuts down on waste and is sustainable forever I guess, but that seems like it would be much harder to get clean - and definitely much less comfortable and effective when you're sprinting away from the hordes!

Only downside is, I think, that you need to be pretty frikkin' comfortable with your body. I wouldn't recommend them for young women who have never used tampons before, for instance. Otherwise... go buy some.
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