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Anyone in Southern California Looking to join a Militia?

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Hey guys, for anyone that hasn't read up on my last post, I'm in a constitutional militia based in Southern California (mostly around the LA County area). We are currently looking to see if anyone is interested in joining. Here's our site, take a look at it:


Also, does anyone know where to go when it comes to recruiting for a militia (already went to gun shops and ranges, anywhere else)? Thanks for reading.
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i figured it was about time i showed up to give my two cents. after reading the whole tread i obviously have to back my XO in that he was only trying to pose a simple question, but out of everyone here pheniox17's point seems the most valid... we have just shown up on your forum, so in a way we are guests at this point. so perhaps it is about time we all take a step back and not act like trolls to the flamewar, i know the actual term is "like a moth to the flame" but on the internet my wording seems more appropriate. so with that said lets all take a step back and try to remain cordial.
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How about y'all start with the Introduction forum and go from there. And maybe take part in some of the other posts.
i have advised my XO in doing just that
Like the XO in our WH, your XO seems to be of the same following and it seems to me you are following a looser and you seem unable to get to the point of questioning his leadership, so that puts you in the same boat. Right or wrong, just follow orders right. Then come on a forum of people that are doing just what you don't, we question people and their motives and it seems your group leaves something to be desired. Now that your first attempt to deceive people here hasn't worked you will try the back door approach. Looks like you are using the typical politicians way to fool the people. Or could it be more of my BS as your fearless leader claims? Enjoy your stay on the prepper forums.
though i can respect your opinion, it is just that "your opinion"

i see no reason for me to get involved in a back and forth of "trolling" with you. like i have said the actions of my XO were genuine, but not appropriate on this forum at this time. however you seek to question and that is a admirable quality, though it can be done in a more respectful tone.

so i pose to you this simple answer... if you have a question on our organization or myself as the CO please ask and i will answer to the best of my ability so long as it is appropriate and in a respectful fashion.

side note: i noticed the Benghazi statement as your signature. isn't it kinda sad how so many have already forgotten about it and the fact that if the demo's have there way Hilary just might be sitting in the white house in a few years. people tend to forget their past so easily.

anyway good day and fair tidings to you
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Lots of bacon breaks needed this evening.

@pheniox17 truthfully i don't see how we made a massive mistake "nothing life threatening at least" all this is, is a verbal back and forth between people. ill admit things were not done properly to begin with and i hope to rectify that in the coming weeks to years. i would respectfully ask that our organization not be referred to as noobish as i feel it demeans the intent of our group as well as the life experience of each member. also i can completely agree with you that name calling is kind of idiotic as most of us will never meet each other in real life and some attempt at ruffling feathers seems childish, but sadly many do tend to suffer from keyboard warrior syndrome or as i like to call it KBWS.

as ive said if you guys have any question please ask and i will be happy to give you a answer.
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One of these guys mentioned "life experiences". I would like to know what kind of experience these two have. What are their credentials?
the first to actually ask a question, thank you

well i will only speak on myself as i feel my members should speak for themselves. i myself having spent 6 years in the U.S.M.C as a reserve component to 2/23 and in that time i learned a great deal of the infantry, our tactics and the life style of a war fighter. i tend to not want to put my military experience forward as i feel "some" tend to use their background in the armed service as a "oh look at me" where as other it is a silent humble badge of honor and sacrifice, but it is a valid part of my life and im happy to have severed. due to the political climate and certain things happening here on the homefront that i could not agree with after my time was up i felt it was time to leave

i also have collected a multitude of certifications both in the corp and civ side. if you would like i can list a few

on the note of the website i would like to maybe try and clear a few things up. all of your opinion are very valid and i do respect them, however there are two reasons why we have gone the route that we have. firstly with the country in the economic situation it is that effects us the citizens and thus money is always a issue... without that beautiful green currency nothing gets done sadly. secondly in our mission statement we believe in a air of transparency, truth be told we have nothing to hide. we believe that over the years the militia moment has gotten a bad rap by popular media because many groups tend to have a "shut-in" ideology and thus the public tends to fear what they don't know. in our opinion we believe that a militia shouldn't hide, we believe that it needs to ingrain itself in it community because those are the people we are trying to help... how can we help our community if the have a unfounded hate or fear of us? we believe that a militia is not just a war time organization but someone their to render help and aid at any time weather it be a natural disaster or helping in day to day with blood donation or food donation. in short a militia is there to protect and strength its community, not just as a silent constitutional guardian.

in closing i respect your opinions and i am open to questioning as just like my group i am transparent. we don't expect you to welcome us with open arms anytime soon if ever, but understand that this group was founded with a goal and a mission that all my members feel strongly on... i don't expect you to understand it in just a few short forum conversations.

anyways good tidings to you all
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I think the point you guys are missing is most members don't appreciate you coming here to recruit for membership to your club. Your not really contributing anything, and you will probably be gone once your objective is met. I will give you props for posting in the California section though. A little advise I think would be helpful to you is the mentality on a forum like this is a bit different from what you are looking to recruit from. We aren't looking to start a war as a general rule. We are looking to survive. We don't think a direct armed conflict with the government is the best tactic and should be avoided at all costs. We want to be invisible, and involvement with an organization like a militia puts way to much attention on ourselves.
You would probably have better luck recruiting from a forum dedicated to weapons like the AR, AK, SKS, and similar firearms.
Of course this is just my opinion and I could be completely wrong, but if you haven't noticed your recruitment methods haven't been very successful here.
as i've stated before the recruitment post was indeed a bad idea considering as to how new both of us are on "your" forum. just like i had said before the actions of my XO were genuine but misplaced. in all honesty i would simple say to everyone how about we all take a step back as over the past few days we have all fired shots across each others bows with little to no reason... how about we all let cooler heads prevail and reconvene on a different board at a different date somewhere down the road after we all have gotten to know each other. that's my final take anyways

small side note: if you would look at post #82 we have no intention of a war with the government "even though we don't have a high opinion of it right now" we simply believe that the militia is part of our constitutional rights and that it is a way to better take care of one's community. think back daring this countries founding... the militia was the everyday citizen, he was apart of his community in that he had a job or title but was also willing to see to the defense of his community. as i had stated before i believe the modern militia movement has gotten a bad rap because of popular media and a few bad apples spoiling the bunch, but at its heart the idea of the U.S. militia is a valid and patriotic right we as Americans have. that my opinion anyways

to everyone a hopeful evening and good tidings
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I looked at those pics. Bout what I expected. I'm curious. Did the military change what a proper salute was? Cause that isn't the way I learned to do it. You would think a guy that was in the Marines would teach the others how to snap off a proper salute.
actually I'm glad you noticed that, we had a discussion about a year ago on how to address proper conduct and formal courtesy. Though two of us come from the military we felt it would be inappropriate to use that form of salute along with a few other changes. as I've stated numerous times not everyone of us comes from a military background and thus this is a civilian organization at its core. Though some have served, this organization is not the military, yet we still strive for good order and appropriate conduct and look to the military in providing that framework without trying to pose is that so wrong?

As I've said before if you have questions, simply ask as i am nothing if transparent. chances are that none of use shall ever meet and all you really know is that i live in the peoples republic of California and that i am trying to build something greater then my self. daring my time in there is one founding principle that i fell in love with and that was the sense of brotherhood that comes from being apart of something bigger, that comes from being apart of a unit that will smoke and joke one moment then whoop it on in another... i still have drinks with my boys every couple of weeks and give reloading advice when i can. after leaving i asked myself could such a principle be taken to a civilian organization and with that this small unit was formed and slowly we are growing to meet our objectives and our clearly defined beliefs. mock us however which way you will, i bear you no ill will for it, as those are your beliefs and opinions. I wont even ask you to understand why we have chosen this path and that money is tight all around, thus we still bare the mark of being a small unit as i am sure none of you could think past your clearly define prejudice's.

i would say that in this short time on your forum I've learned that outside the forums prepper don't believe in cohesion as time and time again i hear the statement that "outside of this board no one knows i prep" and thus it could be said that it is a selfish ideology of only what is best for myself and my family, however i would be a moron if i only allowed a few posted from a few people to paint the entire picture for me as i suffer no such prejudice. everyone is allowed to go about their own lives as they see fit as we only get the one chance and when it is your time to go, you have little to no say in the matter. my point simply is that i am trying to build something bigger then myself with the intent on helping my community and creating something with similar bonds to that which i felt daring my time in.

anyways once again good days and good tidings to you all
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