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Anyone in Southern California Looking to join a Militia?

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Hey guys, for anyone that hasn't read up on my last post, I'm in a constitutional militia based in Southern California (mostly around the LA County area). We are currently looking to see if anyone is interested in joining. Here's our site, take a look at it:


Also, does anyone know where to go when it comes to recruiting for a militia (already went to gun shops and ranges, anywhere else)? Thanks for reading.
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well i will only speak on myself as i feel my members should speak for themselves. i myself having spent 6 years in the U.S.M.C as a reserve component to 2/23 and in that time i learned a great deal of the infantry, our tactics and the life style of a war fighter. i tend to not want to put my military experience forward as i feel "some" tend to use their background in the armed service as a "oh look at me" where as other it is a silent humble badge of honor and sacrifice, but it is a valid part of my life and im happy to have severed. due to the political climate and certain things happening here on the homefront that i could not agree with after my time was up i felt it was time to leave

i also have collected a multitude of certifications both in the corp and civ side. if you would like i can list a few
Yes, please "list a few" of the "multitudes" of your certifications. If you can, that is.
I wasn't a Marine, but served with them long ago and far away, and some of my best friends today were Marines. And you know what? None of them, not a one, would EVER call it "the corp". It's the Corps, son. Capital "C" with an "s' on the end. Marines are serious about that.
What the hell is "the lifestyle of a war fighter?"
I've been to war, but I don't know what this "lifestyle" thing is all about. Please educate me. No, on the other hand, please don't. My bullshit meter is already pegged at 10.
Fake veterans disgust me. Are you a faker?
Chisled into the black granite of the Vietnam Memorial are the names of 58,282 men and women. 445 of them were from the 1st Infantry Brigade, 5th Infantry Division (Mechanized). My BROTHERS. And when anyone tries to steal the honor that rightfully belongs to them by pretending to be a veteran I get highly agitated. Are you pretending?
Your alleged XO sure as hell doesn't know crap about combat as evidenced by his post back on page 5 of this thread.
It wouldn't suprise me if you were not really the same person.
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Couldn't agree with you more, again, that's our deal with the initiation phase of our group, it's so we know we can trust you. Same thing with my militia brethren, no doubt we have each other's backs and when worst case scenario happens, we know where to go and who to go with. Some of us have different views on life, but one thing we all understand is that you make sure you got the back of the guy next to you in any situation. Many of us asked the question "Can you see yourself dying next to this guy?" and "When the end comes and time to for our lives to expire, can you see your body laying next to his when you're both dead?" and each and every one of us immediately and without hesitation give an unequivocal "yes".
You don't have a clue.
No one knows what they are going to do under fire until they have actually been there.
How old are you? 16?
god bless 2/7. those guys make me cry. they always eat everything I cook. they are heading out again. and my heart will stand still awaiting their safe return. god bless usmc.
I'm sure they did eat everything you cooked with gusto. After all, it was cooked by Mom. And it just doesn't get any better than that.
Please know, shotlady, that I include ALL our service members, especially those deployed down range, in my prayer that I say each morning around sunrise as the new day starts.
Your sons and their buddies are "Our Boys" as well.
May God Bless them all!
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thank you rice paddy daddy. my son signed to be re-upped. I thought I was gonna barf.
He belongs to a fraternity where membership can not be inherited, it can not be bought, it can not be granted as a member of some privileged class.
It must be earned.
Your sons will forevermore belong to the brotherhood.
I only served three years and I was never a hero, but I did serve with some.
Those who make it a career are special men and women indeed. That is more than I was capable of.

I know you are very proud of your boys, we are too.
Please tell them an old soldier thanks them for serving our country.
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You would probably have better luck recruiting from a forum dedicated to weapons like the AR, AK, SKS, and similar firearms.
Of course this is just my opinion and I could be completely wrong, but if you haven't noticed your recruitment methods haven't been very successful here.
Hey! Lancer I & II, why don't you try some recruiting over on this forum ? Index page
Click link
You might have better luck over there.
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LancerCO and LancerXO

I finally took a look at your website. You guys are like Stacy's Mom...You got it going on!

1. The hand to hand combat drills look AWESOME!
2. The Weapon Training sessions in the backyard appear to be very informative.
3. Cool hair-do on the one guy! Suggestion, everyone in your club should adopt that hairstyle. Slippy like!

I see that you boys are from Van Nuys, wasn't the high school filmed in a bunch of movies? Rock and Roll High School and Fast Times at Ridgemont High come to mind? Anyway just wanted to chime in and wish you boys all the best.
They've got a website?
I must have missed that!!
I'll have to go back and look for it.
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