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Anyone in Southern California Looking to join a Militia?

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Hey guys, for anyone that hasn't read up on my last post, I'm in a constitutional militia based in Southern California (mostly around the LA County area). We are currently looking to see if anyone is interested in joining. Here's our site, take a look at it:


Also, does anyone know where to go when it comes to recruiting for a militia (already went to gun shops and ranges, anywhere else)? Thanks for reading.
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I might do something like invitation only. I don't believe I would do open posting if it were me. That's just me though. I like the idea of having a smaller group of people I trust than a bunch of people I have no idea about. Kinda like friends. I can count them on one hand but I know I could trust them with mine or my families life. I could call them at 3am and tell them I need $10 grand cash tomorrow and they would get it for me. Or I could tell them I just took out several people and they would help me get rid of the bodies. No questions asked. If they were to bring a friend in. I know I could trust them too. Even though I have never met them. That is how we are with each other.. Last year one of them brought someone to our Georgia hunt club and we do some crazy stuff when we are there. Since my friend brought this guy, it meant we could trust him as well and he has been invited to a few other places we hunt as well. He even came to Montana and hunted here this year.. TRUST is VERY important.. You wont get that by posting on websites.. That's just me though.
"A friend will help you move. A GOOD friend will help you move a body".
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LancerCO and LancerXO

I finally took a look at your website. You guys are like Stacy's Mom...You got it going on!

1. The hand to hand combat drills look AWESOME!
2. The Weapon Training sessions in the backyard appear to be very informative.
3. Cool hair-do on the one guy! Suggestion, everyone in your club should adopt that hairstyle. Slippy like!

I see that you boys are from Van Nuys, wasn't the high school filmed in a bunch of movies? Rock and Roll High School and Fast Times at Ridgemont High come to mind? Anyway just wanted to chime in and wish you boys all the best.
I looked at those pics. Bout what I expected. I'm curious. Did the military change what a proper salute was? Cause that isn't the way I learned to do it. You would think a guy that was in the Marines would teach the others how to snap off a proper salute.
I thought they were doing an eye test or some sort of sobriety test.
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