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Anyone in Southern California Looking to join a Militia?

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Hey guys, for anyone that hasn't read up on my last post, I'm in a constitutional militia based in Southern California (mostly around the LA County area). We are currently looking to see if anyone is interested in joining. Here's our site, take a look at it:


Also, does anyone know where to go when it comes to recruiting for a militia (already went to gun shops and ranges, anywhere else)? Thanks for reading.
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One of these guys mentioned "life experiences". I would like to know what kind of experience these two have. What are their credentials?
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I think the point you guys are missing is most members don't appreciate you coming here to recruit for membership to your club. Your not really contributing anything, and you will probably be gone once your objective is met. I will give you props for posting in the California section though. A little advise I think would be helpful to you is the mentality on a forum like this is a bit different from what you are looking to recruit from. We aren't looking to start a war as a general rule. We are looking to survive. We don't think a direct armed conflict with the government is the best tactic and should be avoided at all costs. We want to be invisible, and involvement with an organization like a militia puts way to much attention on ourselves.
You would probably have better luck recruiting from a forum dedicated to weapons like the AR, AK, SKS, and similar firearms.
Of course this is just my opinion and I could be completely wrong, but if you haven't noticed your recruitment methods haven't been very successful here.
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I looked at those pics. Bout what I expected. I'm curious. Did the military change what a proper salute was? Cause that isn't the way I learned to do it. You would think a guy that was in the Marines would teach the others how to snap off a proper salute.
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