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I have a older radio shack one that I have had for years now. It was last week that I was checking my large propane tank in the woods (leaves everywhere) and when i was opening up the lid to see how much more gas I had some wasps flew out and I shook my hand, and of course threw my wedding band into the woods. I ran inside and grabbed the detector, within about 3 minutes I found my 14k ring that was way under some vines and leaves. I would never have found it by just searching with my eyes. Right there I knew it paid itself off.

We have a small lake beach here and I'm going to take it out there to see if I can find anything. If I were you, get it where you are able to take it back if it doesn't do what you are wanting it to. In order to test it, put a ring or something small under some leaves or sand and search for it. If it picks it up, then your in business! It justifies itself if you find just one 14k item! Good luck and keep us posted!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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