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Any New Mexico preppers out there?

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Need tips on New Mexico survival strategies.
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We have a small but fairly well established communications net in New Mexico. The nets are informal and everyone is welcome to check-in including non-hams using FRS/GMRS or CB.

We are a Christian, conservative, liberty minded group and we try very hard to avoid the "tinfoil hat" and "airsoft armageddon" crowds. Our goal is just to help keep like-minded people in touch with each other during a crises.

We currently have local nets in central and south central New Mexico that reach into far west Texas and eastern Arizona. Each of the local non-ham nets have ham radio operators that can pass traffic to and from regional and national NTS nets.

Local FRS/GMRS nets start at 6:00PM Wednesdays on FRS/GMRS channel 3

Local CB nets start at about 6:15PM Wednesdays on CB channel 3

Local 2 meter simplex nets start at about 6:45 on 146.420 (ham)

Most of the NMPRN members who are hams try to monitor 7.242 and 14.242 when they're near a radio. We'd like to start a regional net on HF if there's any interest.
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I am getting into ham radio but do not know where to start I am looking for someone to show me the ropes
Hello Kaleb p,
Welcome to the forum.

What part of the state do you live in? Las Cruces and Albuquerque both have nets for non-hams tonight. I don't know the schedule for Albuquerque, but Las Cruces has a net for non-hams on FRS3 at 6pm. Do you have any sort of radio yet? If your near Las Cruces we can get you a loaner radio until you get your own)

If your in south central NM I can get you started with getting your license. If your somewhere else I can probably get you in touch with the right people.

A good place to start is to download the question pools for Technician and General. There are a few hundred questions in the pool you need to read but you'll only see 30 of them on your test. The internet is full of training resourses and websites where you can take practice tests until you feel comfortable taking the real one.
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Tularosa ground chiles are real popular with the comp chili cooks in this area.
Why would you go through the agony of choking down Tularosa chili when you can just drive over to my side of the San Augustín pass and get proper God given Hatch chili grown in pristine fields by third generation virgins?
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Where I live we look at chili the same way Sourdough looks at prepping. We're the only one's who really understand chili and our chili is the only real chili and anyone who thinks otherwise is corrupted. :ROFLMAO:
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The Second Annual New Mexico Red Cloud Canyon Chili Cook Off and Emergency Field Communications Exercise.
Sounds good to me!
Pan fried Trout with green chili. I'm in!

The gang down here has been talking about the (September?) campout. We'd like to try out our "scatter and regroup" plan. If it works we all end up at the right place and have a cookout ;) de NM5XD
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