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Any New Mexico preppers out there?

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Need tips on New Mexico survival strategies.
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Hello from central New Mexico. I am an amateur radio operator. This COVID mess is a good reason to live in a ghost town.
Last spring I tried to get New Mexico people interested in a camp-out or meet and greet. This past year we have seen a lot of water under the bridge and I feel we are being pushed nearer to the edge. NMPRN has several good points about a ham radio network. The internet is not the place to talk about all emergency plans. Several states have had prepper shows, the ones I attended mostly were people trying to sell gimic gear instead of offering real skill-building exercises.
I am not talking of overthrowing the government, I am talking about what to pack to survive the night if you car slides off the road in a snow storm. How to sharpen a knife. How to make a campfire with what you carry in your pocket. Where to find good gear without paying a fortune. People, you don't have to invent the wheel, just learn what others before you have learned. Take Care
If someone wants to do a meet and greet in a central location, I would be interested. NMPRN was at our campout last March. Always great to see what others are doing and hear their thoughts and ideas.
[email protected] I sent you an email. No reply??? We are located about 100 miles south of Albuquerque.
Lovington, Hello. We have been hunting and camping several times in that part of the state, just south of Queen NM. That El Paso gap country is very pretty.
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Queen is desert like, sand and pinons. Head south from Queen and you go up about 1000 feet in elevation and the trees turn to pines and oaks, VERY PRETTY! Hard for people to understand New Mexico just looking at a flat map, major changes in forest and weather based on elevation.
On the 8th day God gave us chili so there would be peace on earth. Nobody can fight when their belly is full. The BEST chili is on a Buckhorn burger in San Antonio NM. I make a great chili cornbread! What about a late spring campout at Red Cloud campground? Everyone can bring their best chili dishes and we will see who is best!
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NMPRN, guess the question emains unanswered till we can arrange a campout. Guess I would have to add a fishfry in the mix. de KA5SIW
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