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Any New Mexico preppers out there?

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Need tips on New Mexico survival strategies.
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We must have more people here in NM...random thoughts....would love to be involved with some people so that we could buy large quantity and divide it..Anyone here going to KID ROCK?? at the ampitheater? Wanna have a beer?
Tularosa - that's what we do. Bulk and process it ourselves, split it up or sell some. Kinda used to monk activities for awhile now.

I won't make it to kid rock and I'm not around here too often, but contact me at if email doesn't show here.
I've only been out here 10 years and have not lived in the forest (because there isn't any) so wild living is new for me in this environment.
But I fully intend to live in maximum comfort and serenity despite the external. 4 under 10 to think about.
Wow small world. Tularosa ground chiles are real popular with the comp chili cooks in this area. Pendery's is usually the only place to get it
Haven't met them but if we get a deal here, we will send all you can stand. Or send a truck. That's always best when possible.

"Why would you go through the agony of choking down Tularosa chili when you can just drive over to my side of the San Augustín pass and get proper God given Hatch chili grown in pristine fields by third generation virgins?"
Heh heh heh why not?
1 - 2 of 55 Posts