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Any Gunsmiths in the house?

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This is a pistol I recently purchased. Its a colt 1911 with a Randall Slide. As you can see in the pic its missing its front sight. So tonight I am up late so I decided what the heck, I would stake in a new sight. Problem is as you can see in the second pic the hole does not have the normal square hole. Any ideas on finding a correct sight? Otherwise I will be filing the hole square.

Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Wood stain

Round hole in the place a square one should be....
Rectangle Wood Gas Tints and shades Gadget
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Looks like somebody installed S&W revolver sights on it, you should be able to replace it with same.
It really sucks because it is a Randall and I have no experience with them other than I know they are an expensive collectors piece and original parts are really rare. Just my opinion but wouldn't it be better to machine the site to fit instead of the slide?
If it does not match the S&W sight you might be able to cast the hole and file another sight to fit it.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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