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Hello from Wa.! You should start by putting up at least a gallon of water per person per day for as long as you might need water. If you have a hot water heater you can use it if something happens by kill the power to it (shutting off the gas to it) and then shutting off the supply of water to it. water in that tank will keep for about three months but it isn't likely to last that long. So, after you have 56 gallons of water stored, or while you are building up to that, look at your daily food usage and begin stocking 14 or more days worth of the foods that you eat. Don't go out and buy freeze-dried foods that you are not used to eating and just keep them in storage. Stock up on the foods you eat. Put together a medical kit - one that has everything you can think of in it - talk it over with your doctor and see what he/she suggests. Get some first aid training - the local fire department or Red Cross puts these on and sometimes you can find them for free. Get everyone a good pair of boots and clothing that fits your seasonal changes. Get some training and a 12 ga. pump shotgun and a few boxes of ammo to store and more to shoot while you get to know your gun. Teach your wife how to use it - get her out shooting with you. Train the kids that they don't touch the gun unless they ask first and then when they do ask teach them to clear the gun and that it is always loaded and it never gets pointed at anything you don't want to kill. When they are mature enough get them out shooting - my kids started shooting at seven and eight years old.

There is a lot more to do but that should keep you busy for a year or so. Enjoy it. At our house we have a "grocery list" that we mark down everything we use and then we pick that up and one more of each item as the money allows.
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