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Ammo today

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Ran into town this morning LGS I shop at that is known for fair prices.
Had 115gr ball 9mm on rack 25 cents a round limited
40mm 28 cents plenty of it
45 40 cents lots of it
7.62 X39 33 cents steel case limited supply
5.56 green tip LC 50 cents a round fair supply
Pretty good selection of reloading supplies.

Some real nice deals on HD type 12ga shot guns 200-500 depending on name brand and hardware.
Some outstanding buys on different AR's some good quality stuff at 800 range. A few in the 1200 range that would have been very fair buys considering the hardware. But you would need to know what you wanted and value of different hardware to make your best deal.
Nice prices for today on a wide selection of revolvers and Autos.
Maybe time to give your self a gift or two.

I picked up 100 rounds 9mm
and a generic AR field repair kit. (springs,pins firing pin ect ). Had used up and given away a lot of my spare parts.
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Things have stabilized here, some! Still real tough to find 22lr at any price. Centerfire ammo is around but you may have to hit a few shops to get what you want. Some may be out of a particular caliber or limit how much you can buy.

Reloading components are still pretty tough to find, or too high in price. Tough to find jacketed bullets and seeing sporatic shortages on primers. Passed on a brick of 1000 Remington 209 primers at $40. All the bricks of primers were at $40! Seems all components are going up.
Maybe I'm spoiled or out of touch with the current market. This particular shop is always known for being 10-20% high. But they're in the metro St. Louis area, five minutes from the house. You pay for the convenience.

Two other shops about a 40 minute drive outside the metro area have much better prices. $32-35 on primers. At least that's what they were on my last visit in August.

1 - 2 of 41 Posts
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