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Ammo today

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Ran into town this morning LGS I shop at that is known for fair prices.
Had 115gr ball 9mm on rack 25 cents a round limited
40mm 28 cents plenty of it
45 40 cents lots of it
7.62 X39 33 cents steel case limited supply
5.56 green tip LC 50 cents a round fair supply
Pretty good selection of reloading supplies.

Some real nice deals on HD type 12ga shot guns 200-500 depending on name brand and hardware.
Some outstanding buys on different AR's some good quality stuff at 800 range. A few in the 1200 range that would have been very fair buys considering the hardware. But you would need to know what you wanted and value of different hardware to make your best deal.
Nice prices for today on a wide selection of revolvers and Autos.
Maybe time to give your self a gift or two.

I picked up 100 rounds 9mm
and a generic AR field repair kit. (springs,pins firing pin ect ). Had used up and given away a lot of my spare parts.
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I am starting to see things stableize around here as well. 9mm is still hit and miss and .22LR is still nonexistent. But everything else seems to be showing up at fair prices. Primers are still a little high though.
22 rim fire? I remember those . They discontinued those some time during the second kingdom of Obama I think
The 100 rounds of 9mm I picked up won't last 30 minutes just figured I was there may as well .
May burn some up today.
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I was just at Walmart. They had 38 special, 45 ACP and 22LR. I got a box of each. Life is good.
They did have a large supply of .38 I just glanced passed it . I have enough .38s to last two life times
Heading into town this morning I may or may not pick up some 5.56 green tip LC. Meeting I had was canceled so I have a few hours to kill.
Question how can a snow storm cause a phone conference to be canceled due to weather. I am going to bring that up next week.
Shelf was full of 40,38 and 45. Some bulk 5.56 62grand 223 55gr But that was over priced IMO at 55-60 cents a round. How ever the 5.56 was Quality stuff.
Took a box of .45 home 250 230Gr Brass 99 dollars. Never have to much .45 ammo
Ran into town today. Same as last post on prices better supply.
More 40 caliber than you could haul home. Quality 5.56 about 60 cents a round
.45;s plenty depending on box 250 $89-109
Few 9mm 115 ball brass quality stuff $14 a box
0 22's
I left it all there for the next person.
Did some shopping today just a general idea of prices here at local Gun store
9mm bras US made 28.4 cents around in 100 boxes. 28.9 cents in a 100 round box. limited
Super ninja zombie killer JHP 9mm 20 rounds 17-25 dollars a box.
Good quality 5.56 62 gr 55-60 cents a round limited
Good quality .223 55gr 45-60 cents limited
40 caliber at 25 cents a round to much to carry out two rows full
.45 caliber 40 cents a round in bulk 250 round box plenty
No .22 no one round
NOTE all price I list are out the door taxes included.
Yes it is heavy, I had the bright idea of filling a large ammo can I have with all .45's. After it was filled I could not move it.
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