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Am i doing it right

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Just joined forum and Wife and I made first purchases rice/beans/ oats, cornmeal, flour etc. i went and bought 10 5 gal buckets from Home Depot. most of stuff just left in bag and put in buckets with tops on. As for the rice, bag was to big so poured rice in bucket put top on it. Now i am reading about "food quality buckets, moisture fears etc" is there something I should be doing to insure food stays dry/fresh free from spoil?? also thinking of investing in year worth of freeze dried products any particular brands stand out?? as for water have in
ground swimming pool (going to purchase water purifier what kind?? and have 5/6 water bottles from water dispenser. So any insights/guidance would be greatly appreciated
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Welcome from Minnesota.

There is a big debate with a lot of preppers about whether to use buckets that are designed specifically for food or if the Home Depot buckets are good enough. We went with the buckets made from the "special" food safe plastic. But the reason wasn't so much because of the buckets. Rather we wanted the gamma seal lids and at the time, the place we got the lids would only sell them if we bought the buckets too.


They were not cheap, but they work really well. As mentioned in another post, we do line the buckets with mylar bags and add one or two oxygen absorbers (depending on the size of the o2 absorbers). If using the mylar bags, I would not worry so much about making sure the buckets are made of the "special" food safe plastic. We also found these really neat pills that change color when exposed to oxygen. They are normally blue but turn red when exposed to oxygen. We add those also so we can judge whether the oxygen absorbers are doing their job.

The other thing I bought was a cheap 12 oz dead blow mallet. That works really well for making sure the gamma lids are good and tight and also for later opening the buckets.

Note: Do not use the oxygen absorbers with salt or sugar. It makes them both turn hard as a brick and you will need a hammer to later break them back into powder.
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Thanks Inor, I didn't know that. My plan for those is my vacuum sealer but I could have been tempted to add an o2 absorber. I'm just now getting into long term bulk myself.
We still have not figured out how to keep brown sugar from getting hard. Mrs Inor bought about 10 bags of it a year or two ago when they were having a big sale. Now, she can either beat the bags with a hammer for 10 minutes when she wants to make cookies, or I can strap one to my chest for body armor. :)
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I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination but my 1st thought was an apple. So I did a search and found this.

Pantry Problem Solving: 5 Ways To Keep Brown Sugar Soft | The Kitchn

Sounds interesting. I may try the marshmallow with sugar.
Like wearing it on your chest is gonna keep Mrs Inor from pounding it with a hammer!
Trust me on this. If Mrs Inor is coming after me with a hammer, she is not aiming for my chest no matter what I have on it!
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