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Am i doing it right

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Just joined forum and Wife and I made first purchases rice/beans/ oats, cornmeal, flour etc. i went and bought 10 5 gal buckets from Home Depot. most of stuff just left in bag and put in buckets with tops on. As for the rice, bag was to big so poured rice in bucket put top on it. Now i am reading about "food quality buckets, moisture fears etc" is there something I should be doing to insure food stays dry/fresh free from spoil?? also thinking of investing in year worth of freeze dried products any particular brands stand out?? as for water have in
ground swimming pool (going to purchase water purifier what kind?? and have 5/6 water bottles from water dispenser. So any insights/guidance would be greatly appreciated
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Correct me if I'm wrong but wouldn't salt also help with keeping the rice dry? and it would also add some flavor while your at it :D.
Actually rice is a drying agent in itself in that it has thousand of tiny pores. One of the ways to get water out of a cell phone if it falls in water is to put it in rice. So the same properties that rice has that allows it to absorb water allows it to absorb odors, So even though it may be safe to eat after storing it in just a plastic 5 gal pail it may taste like that pale.
mylar bags and an oxygen absorber can bring the O2 level down to .01 percent, all insects and their eggs will die out within a week if the 02 level is below .3 percent. An 02 absorber will bring the 02 level down much lower then a vacuum sealer can.
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