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Yes this is a double post. I wanted to make sure it was seen. It seems like a lot of people are asking about a small
low cost radio to include in there preps. So here's a suggestion. I bought one of these for my personal prepps.
It does everything they say on short wave I can get lots of stations that the languages are in metric or something not English
This would make a great radio to put away for a true emergency Check out the link I got mine for$40
Oh,, It comes with rechargeable batteries. It doesn't take long to charge it up by cranking on it.
Or just leave it outside and do the solar thing

And it comes in a box in a box ,, So,, You can wrap the inside box with foil and then wrap the outside in foil
and last of all wrap it in shipping paper. Now it's ready for EMP. That's what I'm doing then off it
goes to my Faraday cage (steel trashcan)

This might be good for
a lot of people that are looking for a radio. And it will be important to have one.
And it has a ton gadgets lights, USB

Solar or wind up or batteries. I hope this helps someone out

check them out I used the best offer and got mine for $40 free shipping
D105X Discovery Am FM SW NOAA Emergency Solar Wind Up Radio Cell Phone Charger | eBay

One thing I would suggest,, A ear or head phones if you want to remain in stealth mode. Cheap at Radio shack
This is not a high tech radio but for $40 it don't get much better than this. if you want more spend more
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