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Alabama Crimson Prepper!

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Hello Y'all! I have been trolling for quite some time now, enjoying the posts that people have been posting. Seems like a friendly forum and I wanted to contribute and learn. My wife and I just got into learning survival and prepping skills a few months ago when we realized that were paying more for groceries than we are paying on our house payment! We figure were going to start some raised garden beds this season if the weather permits us to do so. We don't have a green thumb in our body, but we are willing to learn. Also, we are just now trying to get into long term storage with mylar bag research and oxygen absorbers. Looking forward to learning with y'all!
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I think most of us on here are fairly new to the lifestyle of prepping, so it's going to be fun for us all to bounce knowledge and ideas off of eachother! Welcome, and I hope your garden is very fruitful! It's scary to think about gas prices hiking up so food prices will also be hiking up as well, hopefully the trucks can still run and the shelves stay full for everybody, but we can't rely on that now can we?

Look foreword to seeing garden pictures!
Hi and welcome! It really is a good place to bounce ideas around.
Welcome to the forum! Gas prices are only going to keep going up more and more as food and other items are going to go up as well. Please do post some photos of your garden this year! And again, welcome to the forum!
My grocery bills are 4 times what my house payment is. Hello and welcome.
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