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Adding to the Toolbox

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Ok, the wife is not happy. Well sort of. She does not, in her infinite wisdom, believe that it is morally or ethically right to have a pistol, rifle, or shotgun for each and every situation under the sun. I on the other hand, think of them more as tools that have a specific purpose in life (other than just being plain fun). I mean, I've seen her beat a pair of my pliers half to death...

Unfortunately for me, she has seen the old saw about "one man with one gun" in some old book on the bookshelf and likes to throw that out there anytime I'm trying to add to my toolbox so to speak. She forgets that she no longer hunts squirrel with a Rem 1100 and now uses the scoped 597.

Someone please help me with a solid argument that yes, it is indeed proper and required to have the correct rifle, pistol or shotgun for the job at hand. Or at least tell me how you did it. And you can't steal from Gene Hill, because she's already read that too. Oh, and it'd be nice to have this before the ATF sends the stamp for the new suppressor.

Thank you all in advance for your wisdom
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My parents lived their whole lives based off of what they NEEDED not what they wanted.

You don't need to go to the movies. You don't need to go to the creek. You don't need to get a what ever. Everything had to have a direct need. And when I lived under their roof and on their dime, that was fine. But now I'm a grown-ass man with my own family - And I'll do what ever pleases me. Life is too short to live by needs alone. You have to indulge the wants occasionally. That's what our country is all about.

In Communist Russia - you don't need Quilted Northern Toilet Paper. Everyone stands in line for their ration of government processed shitty toilet paper, because that's all you NEED.

In Capitalist America - we have 87 different brands of TP because that what we want. Find the one that makes you happy. No you don't need Quilted Northern, You need that Scott Sheet 2000 roll that lasts for ever, never breaks down in a septic tank and has bits of raw bark in it. But if you want to pay 33 cents a roll more, you get Quilted Northern.

So - Do you need a gun for every situation? No. The pioneers had one gun for every situation. It was a black powder musket or Kentucky Rifle and compared to your most inexpensive weapon it sucks. You will never win the need argument because A. You don't have a leg to stand on and B. you are trying to argue a loosing position with a woman.

You need to convince her that if need were the only justification, she should sell her jewelry and move to Cuba where people like her can embrace the suck that is Communism / Socialisim. Needs got nuthin to do with it. Want and a constitution are all the justification you need.
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