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Actual Climate Change

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There is solid evidence that points to the possibility of a mini ice age. The sun's most recent cycle of sunspot activity is less than the previous 11 year cycle. This is given as the actual cause of lower recorded global temperatures. The globe had been working its way out of the previous mini ice age which is given as ending in 1900. Given the last 11 year sun spot cycle was down; the current cycle is lower and the next forecasted to be even lower global temperatures are forecasted to continue to decline.

So what has, is or will be the consequences of government mandated reduced carbon dioxide coupled with lower temperatures? First less crop yields. Could it be the successes of twenty century farming was due in part to man's increased production of carbon dioxide? There is science that says that is true. Greenhouse farming pumps up to five times the normal amount of carbon dioxide into greenhouses to increase yield. Corn fields use carbon dioxide so fast that reduced levels can actually be measured in the center of large fields.

Now anyone that used statistics as part of their vocation recognized immediately the errors and defective models the global warming cult was using. Many quality control engineers required to certify the safety of products would have went to jail for using such flawed data. So government officials knew global warming data were a bunch of hocus pocus.

The question what civil, criminal, or moral penalties should Al Gore et al be subjected to?
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Here is my take on it.. Most of the population of the world couldn't give two shits about climate change or anything else that matters!!! As long as they get their smart phone,laptops,air conditiong in their homes and can hop in their car and go across town to get starbucks.. That is all most people care about.. Those are just the Americans.. Don't even get me started about the Asians wiping shit off the face of the earth for their delicasies!!! Google Image Result for These are sharks that are just wasted after they get their fins cut off to make soup from.. I hunt every year and fill our freezers with meat. But don't go kill a deer or elk and cut out the backstrap and leave the rest to rot!!

We are too far down the spiral to make a change unless something drastic changes!! There could be 100% proof that all hell is goin to break loose in 500 yrs but I don't think most people give a damn anymore.. They are too worried about the Kardashisluts and the housewives... Only time will tell I guess.
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