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Acorn crop

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I dropped two water oaks today after work and limbed them up.
Tomorrow I will drag the trunks and big limbs off for splitting. (Yes I know I am a month behind schedule but I figure it will be dry enough for fire wood by January)
The rest will either get piled up for compost later or burned as trash.
The whole point of this post is this, the tree was heavy with acorns.
I remember the old timers had a saying about big acorn crops mean a bad winter or something like that. Am I just off base or has anyone else heard something like that before?
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I'd be more worried about this long hot dry summer. Record number of days above 90 in our area. After basically no winter last year. I'd say we are do for a nasty winter for a change.

This is based on averages not a nut or furry caterpillar.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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