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A Tiny Trivia tid bit on the Titanic

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My wife and I visited the Titanic Exhibit in Belfast last weekend. Just a phenomenal building. When we visited Ross Castle (which is a tower house not a castle) I commented why don't we (people) build great things any more then I saw the Titanic exhibit building and was amazed. It's four corners are all set at the same dimensional height of the ship from the ground up. Man was it big.

Anyway the trivia I thought migh surprise you was the cost of a transatlantic crossing for a common mans ticket. They sold them like airline tickets first, second and third class. They were showing how much they'd be in terms of US Dollars today. The 2012 currency rate cost of a third class ticket for London to NY was just $212. I just found that amazing, and it explaines why so many on board were not rich elites - their first class ticket was $10,400 in today's money.
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They were basicly traveling as cargo and were for the most part locked off from the passengers, and that is one reason so many parishes because they couldn't get to the upper decks.
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