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a "Skunk Spray", "Fart Spray" for self defence?

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Many country even banned Pepperspray for use against Humans. :vs_mad:
So could a "Skunk Spray", "Fart Spray" be a better alternative?
Does anyone here know a Company who produce some nasty stuff who is effective and not a nerve Agent so the can repel the attacker and maybe clear the Area.
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For an overwhelmingly intense smell of vomit, there is butyric acid.

A little dab will do a crowd if dispensed properly.
Our military mixes puke gas with nerve gas. Protective suits can keep out the nerve gas. Protective suits cannot keep out the puke gas. The enemy vomits violently and takes off his headgear so as to be able to breathe, then gets nuked with the organophosphate death compound. Choice: A) Drown in your vomit; or, 2) Die like a bug.

Isn't science marvelous.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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