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A return of decorum to the forum

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Following the original intent of this board, and coinciding with the long-standing Site Rules, the moderation team has decided to implement a more stringent application of the board's anti-trolling, anti-discrimination, and excessively vulgar language restrictions.
In line with application of rules 2c, 3, and 9, the moderation team will be taking a more active role in removing offending posts and temporarily banning repeat offenders.

For reference, these rules state:
2c. Trolling behavior is not allowed on This includes deliberately posting inflammatory, irrelevant, or highly offensive comments for the purpose of disrupting the community or harassing another member.
3. Discriminatory remarks of any sort will not be tolerated. This includes degrading and/or offensive remarks about an individual or a group of individuals based on their race, color, ethnicity, sex, sexuality, age, nationality, religious affiliation, or indeed any other basis.
9. Excessive profanity is not allowed. No adult-rated material, links to adult-rated material, or any form of nudity may be posted on this site. In addition to nudity, all forms of sexual content (images, jokes, etc...) are prohibited from being posted on the site. This includes images of scantily clad men or women. Please help us keep this site family-friendly.
Actions being implemented:
  • Trolling behavior will be monitored more closely. Topics opened, or posts made, with an intent to generate disruption or intentionally incite heated arguments will be culled. Discretion will be applied to such topics, as some things are simply difficult to discuss, even though they may be well-intentioned and useful.
  • The use of any variation of "the f-word" will no longer be allowed. This includes misspellings, this includes self-censored use of replacement characters or symbols, and it includes abbreviations, such as would be used when exclaiming "what the ____!"). Find a way to express your point without this word.
  • Other profanity will be left up to moderator discretion based on use and contribution to the topic. We know colorful expression can be part of normal conversation, but we will determine when a line has been crossed.
  • Moderator discretion will be used when potentially discriminatory remarks are made as well. This site should be a place where all are welcome if they share an interest in prepping, survival, homesteading, and the various other topics this site is intended to encourage discussion on. Off-topic discussions will still be allowed, and should be created within their proper sub-section of the site, but they will remain civil and open. Discriminatory terms, if used unintentionally, will be removed and encouraged to not be used. Intentional use will be subject to the below-described actions.
Upon first offense, the entire contents of an offending post will be removed, not just a censoring of the offending word. This is intended to encourage alternative modes of expression in order to keep one's overall point from being lost.
A warning will be applied to the member's profile for future reference. The member will be notified of this action.
A second offense will result in a 1 week temporary ban. A third offense will result in a 1 month ban. This will progress until such a time as a permanent ban will be implemented for members who willfully choose to not adhere to the rules.

As is made clear in the Site Rules:
The First Amendment is greatly respected here, as are all other Amendments that the Second Amendment defends. is not listed in the Bill of Rights. We are, however, a privately owned venture and as such, your freedom of speech does not grant you a right to post anything you may wish to say on this forum. These rules are a contract you agree to when you become a member of this forum and members are expected to adhere to them. Those who err cannot complain about censorship or a perceived loss of first amendment rights.
We want this site to be a community that can discuss topics of interest that pertain to the prepping lifestyle, homesteading, survival, firearms, farming, hunting, the outdoors, and all the other topics that revolve around being self-sufficient and preparing oneself for an unknown future. Your moderation team is taking steps to ensure that all who share an interest in these areas feel welcome. We appreciate your cooperation toward this goal.
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