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I would like to take this moment to say farewell to my former elementary school principal and WWII Medal of Honor Recipient, John D. "Bud" Hawk. All those who knew him, loved him, and I am privileged to have known him, to have been guided and educated by him. He is a man whom I have not, nor will I ever, forget.

Thank you Mr. Hawk, for everything you did, for me, our community, and for our country. God Bless You and may the warmth of the lord shine upon you.

Medal of Honor - YouTube
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"Squad! Ten - Hut!!
Pree - Sent Arms!!"

(The sound of taps being played, followed by a rifle volley)

"Orrr-Der Arms!!"

The word hero is used much too loosely these days, but we all know a TRUE hero when we see one.
You have earned your rest, Sgt. Hawk. Now you can join your buddies around the Eternal Campfire.
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