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The Top Ten Reasons Women Prefer Guns Over Men

10. A gun doesn't mind if you stop and ask for directions.

9. A gun doesn't ever reek of beer or cigars

8. A gun won't pout if you have a headache.

7. A gun always enjoys going out with you and will never ask “Do we have to go there again?”

6. You can buy fancy new grips for your gun and it won't complain about how they look or fit.

5. A gun doesn’t leave dirty socks or underwear in a pile next to the hamper.

4. A gun doesn't come with an ex-wife or a mother.

3. Guns never have comb-overs, beer bellies, or rear cleavage.

2. A gun will never ignore you in favor of watching sports.


1. Guns don't hog the TV remote!
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