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5 Steps To Escape From A Car Sinking In Water
NewsSurvival & PreppingNov 10, 2015 6 681

It may sound silly, but I had an unusual dream that woke me up this morning …

Me and a couple family members were driving in a truck near a river bank and we must have went too close, because the back end of the truck slipped over the edge and we all went over the side.

In my dream, it happened pretty fast and before the people in the car stopped cursing we started to sink. It's fuzzy, but I think that it was a pond we were sinking into and mostly mud.

My first reaction was to take off my seatbelt to start climbing out, then I realized what the heck were my family members doing?

Then we started sinking faster, I got a little panicked and I woke up.

Unfortunately, I woke up from that dream (nightmare?) before we could all save each other, but it's been on my mind.

After a little research I discovered that this happens to about 10,000 people each year. In Canada alone, 10 percent of drowning deaths can be attributed to being submerged in a car, and about 400 North Americans die from being submerged in a car every year.

What's the best way to escape from a sinking car?

5 Steps To Escape From A Car Sinking In Water | Prepared Gun Owners

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A great subject!

I have often thought about how I would escape if my vehicle began sinking in a body of water and I came
to a few conclusions after a particular experience at my work in an ER. (I HATE the term ED which the PC
people of the world take as Emergency Department!)

One night a person came into the ER and said to the triage nurse (the first staff member you meet when you
get into the ER lobby) that a woman was sitting in her car outside in our parking area and that she appeared
to be unconscious.

Quickly several of us grabbed a gurney and ran outside. We found the woman (about 50 years old & obese)
just as had been described sitting in her driver's seat and not responding. The motor was off but her windows
were all up and all the doors were locked.

I weigh 240 lbs and, when I need to, I can hit HARD! Myself and another fellow found that all our efforts were
not getting us anywhere...and since this was potentially a Life or Death situation, believe me, we were trying!
No amount of punching or kicking was doing ANYTHING to the car windows! Then a thought occurred to me!
I had a Gerber tool on my was the type that had needle-nose pliers as the main tool. Obviously a hard
swing with it would put all the power of my arm into a small contact point and break the glass! The same
principle used with all those cheap tools you can buy in the hardware store which are supposed to do exactly

Ladies and Gentleman! Do not believe it! I swung that Gerber tool REPEATEDLY! With NO EFFECT AT ALL!!
To say that I was dismayed was to put it mildly! This lady was maybe dying and we needed to get to her...but

We (there was a group of about 6 of us ER staff at this point) began shouting, realizing that unless we
broke the window the story might come to a very bad ending.

Then someone shouted "THE OXYGEN BOTTLE!!". I grabbed it from beneath the gurney and swung it
against the window of the back seat behind the driver...I didn't want the breaking glass to cover the
patient and cause more complications. Thankfully, the window DID break and we were able to get her
into the building...and Yes! She DID survive.

I'm just telling you that breaking a car window can be a LOT harder than you think! I keep a hammer
(full size) under my driver seat now. THAT is how to break a window!


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That friggin' site just cost me 3 hours of time, haha.
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