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I like this article a lot... a lot of articles about this stuff are about specific hobby-type skills, but this one talks about more generalized, important skills that kind of define what prepping is all about..

In the preparedness community, there is a lot of talk about prepper "skills" that will be needed during a SHTF scenario. These topics usually involve things like gardening, firearms knowledge, caring for livestock and many others. These are great skills to learn, especially if you can use them in your daily life and not just in a disaster scenario.

Sometimes though, it's easy to get swept away into creating this sort of "wish list" of skills. Although these skills are great, things like lock picking and archery aren't going to make dealing with most disasters much easier. There are however, 4 key skills that will. These skills are already present within all preppers, they're the reason we ARE preppers. It's our responsibility as modern survivalists to continue to hone these skills so that when disaster does strike, we'll be ready for it.

Hoarders are not Preppers - Organization is Life!

Organizational skills are incredibly important for any prepper. Many people living the preparedness lifestyle get the unfair label of "hoarder" attached to them simply because we stockpile many things that aren't "necessary" in the minds of a lot of "normal" people. While typically the opinions of "normal" people don't mean a whole lot to me, this is something we should keep in mind when it comes to stockpiling.

It's a fine line between prepper and hoarder… and organization is how that line is defined. Organizing your supplies is important because not only will a properly organized stockpile make things much simpler during a disaster (when you'll actually need those supplies) but organization is really the only way you can keep track of how long your preps can last.

Prepping is all about self-sufficiency. We measure self-sufficiency in terms of time. A family of four goes through 12 individual meal servings per day. If your preps have enough supplies to create 360 meals, then you are 30 days self-sufficient on food. If your pantry and preps aren't properly organized and labeled there's really no telling how much food you have, which foods you're using in your food rotation and which foods you need to buy. Here are some helpful checklists and calculators to help you plan and organize your food preps better.

Food Storage Calculator
The one Year Emergency Food Supply List
Canned Goods Inventory List

I Led You Here Sir… For I am Spartacus!

It doesn't matter if you're facing a personal disaster like a job-loss, or you're facing down the inevitable hordes of angry mutant biker gangs after life as we know it ceases to exist; Leadership is the only way you're going to thrive during any disaster. I truly feel that anyone that has started on the path of preparedness and self-sufficiency is a natural-born leader. It took you making an active decision to start prepping. No one made it for you, and you're definitely not getting any support from the rest of the still-sleeping society around you. YOU had to make that decision and YOU have to be the one to walk down that road. That makes you a leader in my mind, even if you're only leading yourself.

What a lot of us need to work on...
4 Essential Prepper Skills you?ll need To Survive Any Disaster | Ready4itAll

links didnt copy over well, but they work in the actual article...
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