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3D Printer (Guns)

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I dont usuaslly jump into the gun arena with you guys as I know your way more experienced then myself so I just watch from the sidelines but I came across this today. Apparently its made from something called a 3D printer. Anyone know anything about it outside this video ?

The End of Gun Control, or Anarchy? See The Chilling Possibilities Created By 3D Printed Guns | Video |
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We used to call that Rapid Prototyping or Stereolithography, built models and mold inserts with it.That was in the mid'90's
This is new technology. 3D printing is taking all kinds of dramatic turns including from Polymer to metal. It's not their yet, but in a short time it might be. It's got to drive our Govt antis nutts - i love it. The first polymer AR lowers failed after just a few rnds fired. A little more advancement :)
ive seen this before but dont know anything about it.
ive only been playing with guns a short while :) im learning too
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