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275 Gallon Tote

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How much do you think these should sell for used - and delivered?

A local outfit has them posted on craigslist and ebay prices are all
over the board esp with delivery / shipping costs enormous.

New prices from manufacturers or sellers seem extreme but again
shipping is high.

Anyone got an idea of what a reasonable price is for these? I was
thinking of two - one for an aquaponics fish tank and the other
to take in a bunch more filtered rain water.
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Are you sure they are ok to store water in with no bad chemicals used in them previously?
Paraquack raises a valid concern. If this is an Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) these are typically used to transport bulk chemicals, and these chemicals can penetrate the semipermeable plastics in some cases.

These should be triple rinsed before use but without knowing what it contained previously you cannot be sure what to use for rinseate.

I would check with the reseller to see if he/she knows what the IBC first contained.

I know you are a smart cookie, Ripon, but buyer beware....
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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