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.270 Winchester my Go To Gun

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Hey all.
Went elk hunting the first weekend of the season (November 2 was opening day) and although the wolves were back in the area we hunt, my group of 4 hunters harvested 5 elk in the first 3 days. Just a FYI we usually shoot cows for the meat and pass up rag horn bulls because they are about the same size as a good cow but taste a lot gamier.

This year we could put in for a "B" elk tag which allows you to shoot an additional calf/cow and 3 of us put in for that tag thinking they would be rare, and so of course all 3 of us drew one! We could have harvested 7 elk total but after the 5th one we got tired of gutting and dragging and decided to go home (woe is me, hehe)

I finished butchering my elk last Tuesday and after the backstraps and roasts, I ground 174lbs of elk burger, (woe is me again)

Our elk camp usually tags out (gets all the elk we can legally shoot) and have done so for the last 4 years, the unique things was I recovered a bullet from one of the cows and here is a pic, it is a 270 Winchester, 130 grain Barnes X bullet and this one shattered both front legs before hanging up under the skin on the far side. When I say shattered, I mean completely decimated the bones into little tiny pieces. Not what we look for in a good kill but def did the purpose in which it was launched downrange.

Wood Art Metal Natural material Household hardware

It is a 130 grain bullet and after breaking the living batcrap out of the front leg it still has 117 grains left.

I have harvested 10 elk using this gun/bullet combination, they are 1 shot kills and usually I get complete pass throughs.
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Congratulations on a great hunt! Our whitetail muzzleloader season opens in the morning. I'll have to wait til Sunday though. Tennessee is just reintroducing an elk hunt. I think we are just too densely populated to have a sustainable herd statewide. My family in Oregon kills elk and that meat is wonderful. I need to plan an elk hunt in the next few years.
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