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.270 Winchester my Go To Gun

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Hey all.
Went elk hunting the first weekend of the season (November 2 was opening day) and although the wolves were back in the area we hunt, my group of 4 hunters harvested 5 elk in the first 3 days. Just a FYI we usually shoot cows for the meat and pass up rag horn bulls because they are about the same size as a good cow but taste a lot gamier.

This year we could put in for a "B" elk tag which allows you to shoot an additional calf/cow and 3 of us put in for that tag thinking they would be rare, and so of course all 3 of us drew one! We could have harvested 7 elk total but after the 5th one we got tired of gutting and dragging and decided to go home (woe is me, hehe)

I finished butchering my elk last Tuesday and after the backstraps and roasts, I ground 174lbs of elk burger, (woe is me again)

Our elk camp usually tags out (gets all the elk we can legally shoot) and have done so for the last 4 years, the unique things was I recovered a bullet from one of the cows and here is a pic, it is a 270 Winchester, 130 grain Barnes X bullet and this one shattered both front legs before hanging up under the skin on the far side. When I say shattered, I mean completely decimated the bones into little tiny pieces. Not what we look for in a good kill but def did the purpose in which it was launched downrange.

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It is a 130 grain bullet and after breaking the living batcrap out of the front leg it still has 117 grains left.

I have harvested 10 elk using this gun/bullet combination, they are 1 shot kills and usually I get complete pass throughs.
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I have elk hunted with a group of friends in Wyoming every year for more than a decade now. All but one of us use 300 Win. Mag's. The odd man out shoots a .270 and he ends up getting a bull just as often as we do. For me personally, I feel more confident using my 300 shooting 165 grain barnes triple shock bullets. The 5x5 bull I killed this year was during a snowstorm and 450 yards away just at dark. He only went about 40 yards after being shot but we still had to use headlamps to find him (straight up the mountain). I'm not sure I would have taken the shot with a .270 but plenty of elk have been killed successfully with it.
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