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.223 is not 5.56x54

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I have a bit of 5.56 x 54mm Nato penetrator 62gr ammo.

There is a bit of controversy about the difference between .223 Remington and Nato rounds so here is what I know and am ready to be educated from other sources.

My understanding is .223 Remington is loaded to lower pressures than the Nato rounds so you may not be safe firing Guvment rounds through a civilian bolt action rifle.

My other understanding is that in a "black gun" you can fire either .223 Remington or the Nato 5.56x54,

Please let me know if that doesn't compare to your knowledge.
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The only difference you need to consider is pressure. The 5.56 case is thicker so the pressure is higher. If a 5.56 is fire in a barrel chambered for the .223 it could stick in the chamber. I am not going to get into the the third option on chamber right now .
.223 will fire in a 5.56 barrel. Most .223 you find is 55gr most 5.56 barrels are 16 inch 1 in 7 twist. The 55gr does not work well in that setup .
Loss of accuracy and as the range increase the bullet will be farther off target and fail to kill.
The 5.56 62gr is designed for the a6 inch 1 in 7 barrel . That or the 77gr if you can find it.
You are right the .223 is not a 5.56 but if .223 is all I have it will have to do in the AR's
Both guns different story that is where the other chamber option came in.

Here you go all typed up for you
More than your ever what to know about 223/5.56
But 100% fact
1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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