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.22 Ammo shortage revisited

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What is it with .22 RF ammo? A few weeks ago I found some CCI Mini Mag for sale and bought a couple of boxes. I'm looking around now and all I can find available is the Remington promotional ammo for four to five times its normal selling price.

None of the LGS's have .22 RF ammo. It's like a switch is being thrown. It's available, it's not available, it's available, it's not available. I don't consider 80-90 buck a brick for cheap promotional ammo as available. I consider that crazy.

Is it that demand has completely outstripped supply? or has the antigun antics of the left drove gun owners over the edge and they're behaving like a bunch of hoarders? Either way I can work around it, and do. Yet I miss the (good old?) days of fully stocked ammo shelves.
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I still can't find any locally except for local guys selling their closest stashes for way too much trying to feed off the shortage. I got some online though and for the right price. Meaning the price it was and is suppose to be before this bs that Obama and his shitbag minions caused being the shitbags they are taking advantage of childrens deaths to scare the sheep and implement gun laws. I've got backstock of course, but didn't want to go into that and shot up my shooting supply and wanted more.
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