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.22 Ammo shortage revisited

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What is it with .22 RF ammo? A few weeks ago I found some CCI Mini Mag for sale and bought a couple of boxes. I'm looking around now and all I can find available is the Remington promotional ammo for four to five times its normal selling price.

None of the LGS's have .22 RF ammo. It's like a switch is being thrown. It's available, it's not available, it's available, it's not available. I don't consider 80-90 buck a brick for cheap promotional ammo as available. I consider that crazy.

Is it that demand has completely outstripped supply? or has the antigun antics of the left drove gun owners over the edge and they're behaving like a bunch of hoarders? Either way I can work around it, and do. Yet I miss the (good old?) days of fully stocked ammo shelves.
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22 RF means 22 Rim Fire, sorry if that created some confusion. It's been hit or miss with me finding 22 ammo for a good if not slightly higher price. The last 22 ammo (CCI) I bought cost me $8.00 a hundred with a two box limit. At Cabelas.

I'm not totally out of 22 ammo, I do have some yet I'm keeping it back and only shooting from it what I can replace until this shortage (sporadic availability) settles down or all hell breaks loose and TSHTF. It's a prep.
Surprise, surprise! Cabelas had some .22 RF ammo for sale, they had some Remington golden bullet a hundred pack for $6.99 some very over price odd ball Aguila 22 ammo and some CCI 40 gr solids for $8.99 per 100.

However, they were limiting what one could buy to one brick or box per customer. I bought my one box of CCI and and picked up 3 Ruger BX 25 magazines for $24.99 per. They also are limiting the high (standard) capacity magazines to a total of 5 per customer.

I also looked at the 10 22 takedown. Still on the fence on getting one. Very nice yet do I really need (another) Ruger 10 22.
Last Sunday Cabelas had 22 short, CB cap, 22 long rifle and 22 magnum and some 17 cal. rim fire ammunition. Yesterday evening I had the occasion to visit Cabelas and all they had left on the very same shelf was dust.

They did have a Bushnell Trophy TRS 25. I've been looking for one, and was happy to find it, it's going on a Ruger 10 22 Takedown, but that's another story.
I've looked at the sites and thanks, the prices seem to be quite a bit more than what I want to pay for it. 18.04 for 10 boxes of CCI is twice what Cabelas is selling it for. Difference is they're not limiting the amount where as Cabelas does.

I did manage to go to the range today and since I've pick up a hundred rounds here a hundred rounds there, I shot the new Ruger 10 22 takedown (BX-25 magazines) and zeroed the TRS 25. I'm no expert yet I'd have to say it's a nice combination. YMMV
I assume you posted a picture? Sometimes the pictures posted don't display, actually now that I think about it, quite often they don't display. Yeah I'm happy with the sight and the magazines. Ragged holes in the paper, everything worked the way it was supposed to and the weather was low 80's with a slight breeze. All in all it was a pleasant day at the range.
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