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$1k, How Would You Allocate?

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Say you have:

2 weeks of living expenses in $
2 months food
renewable water source

And you have $1k to spend. How do you allocate? What are the priorities?
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Renewable water source! You can use this all the time in several different ways. I do not believe in spending too much money on things that can only be used during a shtf. I think a SHTF event is less likely than most posting here. I have som raw land for a BOL but plan on bugging in at ome of my two homes.

You might want to consider an SHTF alternative source. I have a 600 gal LP tank but only a gas instant hot water heater and fireplace. You cannot harvest that much wood. That is at one BOL. just purchased the second bug in location today.
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1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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