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$1k, How Would You Allocate?

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Say you have:

2 weeks of living expenses in $
2 months food
renewable water source

And you have $1k to spend. How do you allocate? What are the priorities?
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Since you already have a well, why not a backup water system? Get gutters and tanks. Harvest rain water if its ok in your state. Water the garden or trees from it. Save the well water for drinking and cooking.

I'm in the same boat. I am selling off some unnecessary stuff (extra cars, stuff laying around not useable in a SHTF scenario) if the buick sells, then I'll have about $7000 to spare.

So I'm going to invest in more gutters, more holding tanks, and a berkey.

Can't have too much water.

Another thing to invest in, is LED light bulbs. Spend more now, yeah, but if it'll drop the bill, then it's worth it.

Depending on your location, wether you own it, or if you're bugging in, I'd invest in upgraded windows and doors. Find out what direction the wind is coming from, and upgrade that part. I have a sliding door and a window on the north side, where the wind comes from. Those will be upgraded first. It'll be about $600 to upgrade just those.

Of course I'm always thinking of the long term pay offs. Don't want to be in a SHTF situation and burn 2x the fuel to keep warm, and not have access to upgrade.

I would also suggest in more food. Or even gardening supplies. Canning supplies. Tools.

Or even top off the fuel tanks (car/truck, propane tanks, even the wood pile)

One thing I want to do is get a gamo pellet gun. I'm in the city basically, and would rather fire off a pellet gun than a rifle. Yesterday was a perfect example. Gopher popped up, and all I could get to quickly was the .22. Kind of loud, especially in a SHTF scenario, just for a gopher.

Do you already have an alternate power source? Maybe now is the time money wise, to either set up or expand/upgrade?

I'm thinking hydro for the winter. Have them inline with the downspouts. It's not that it rains THAT much, but if I'm living off of battery, a little recharge from the hydro, is better than waiting the rain out for a sunny day. Or waiting for it to get windy. It is hardly windy when it rains around here.

Another thing I'm thinking of is swapping out the faucets for loflo, or aerator faucets. Use less water per run. I already have loflo toilets.

If you own your house, can you repipe the "gray" water into barrels, or to a garden area? I'm on septic, and hopefully soon, the only thing going into it will be toilet water. The rest will be going into a sand/gravel/carbon filtered barrel. Then into a larger storage tank, for the garden.

My house is dark inside, so I will be investing in skylights. So if I have to board up the windows, it'll still be light inside.

Is your vehicle bug out ready? Maybe needs a tune up, or new tires? All my cars have NEW tires. 2 cars are 5x4.5 and the other 2 are 5x5.5. So no matter what, I can have spares just in case.

Only you know your weaknesses. I'd try to turn those weaknesses into strengths :)
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