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Hi everyone,

I don't normally do this but I wanted to share here a post I made on my site. I think it could be particularly useful to all of the folks here but if this is against the rules please feel free to delete!


"Gear is great, but it is nothing without knowledge" is a common thing I hear amongst my readers. And make no mistake it's very true.

As a bit of a gear head I often get carried away talking about the coolest knife or the best water filtration system. So what I wanted to do today was share with you 100 of my favorite blogs, books, YouTube Channels, Twitter Accounts and Facebook pages in a post I called "100 Ways to Prep: Watch, Read and Tweet Your Way to Self-Reliance".

Like all of you I wasn't born an expert and I certainly don't consider myself one now. I learned by reading and watching and I wanted to share with you the best places on the internet I've found to do so.

So there you go: all of the knowledge you could ever hope to acquire. Now get learning!

Phew! Now with that out of the way we can get back to talking about gear. Have you heard about the latest... ;)

Your survival buddy,
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