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10 Best Personal Defense Stories of 2012

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Good for that little girl in the vid..:)
My understanding of US/Brit law is that a householder is only entitled to use lethal force IF they feel they or their family are being seriously threatened.
For example in this picture the burglars seem to be unarmed, so if she blew their heads off in Britain, she'd be arrested and the cops/lawyers would pin an "unlawful killing" rap on her.
Luckily, the Brit people are far more sensible than the politically-correct police and judicial system, so a jury would probably find her not guilty..;)

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@Lucky Jim
Laws differ so much from state to state, In my home state of Kentucky we have a castle law just like Oklahoma that says if you are home that anyone that breaks into your home can be considered a deadly threat. Some states laws are that if you can escape out a window you should jump out and run. Hope this video helps.

Yeah she dun good..:)
We had the famous 'Tony Martin Case' like that in Britain in 1999 when middleaged farmer Martin shotgunned a burglar to death and was sentenced to life by the sickeningly politically correct Courts, but after a massive public outcry he was out in 3 years-

Tony Martin (farmer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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