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    I was watching a YouTube video of a guy who was demonstrating his bug out bag. It seemed he had an inordinately large assortment of knives. I could understand maybe 3 (The machete, the Swiss Army Knife and the Bowie knife) but he had at least 10 others. Now, we're talking about a bug out...
  2. General Talk
    Ok so that's half tongue in cheek pun because last night was Halloween and its half serious. Here is why. Every Halloween we have kids trucked in from other neighborhoods. I don't mind that because this is a time for the kiddos to have fun and get out a little. If their neighborhood isn't...
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    I have been reading through the post with great interest and would like to introduce our Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kits to you. Check them out at Zombie Survival Kits | PHI eManagement Solutions. We have other products available to and are getting ready to take in a shipment of Meals Ready To...
1-3 of 3 Results