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  1. General Prepper and Survival Talk
    Okay so I've been seeing a lot of things online talking about the cleanliness of water. Majorly around the world there's talk of countries having low supply or no supply at all of clean water. It concerns me. Not only for them but for us in America as well. Even today there are certain scenarios...
  2. Off Topic Lounge
    Hello Preppers, I'm trying to get a little feedback from the community on a water filters. What do you guys feel about portable water filters? they're out there big and small. what if you could purchase a water filter online thats about $100 that can filter 10 liters of water in 3-4 hours to...
  3. Classifieds, Barter, Trade, Buy, Sell
    I'm doing this for my cousin's friend, he was telling me about his water bottle he uses and asked me to post it on here since you are pretty active. So here it is!! _ Taken from Cousin _ Used by the US Navy SEALS in Seal Team V -- cleans 99.9999% Bacteria/Viruses/Parasites/Protozoa and Removes...
  4. General Prepper and Survival Talk
    Filtration methods, storage tips, how to calculate the right amount of water to store and a complete glossary of water treatment terms. Water Filtration, Purification and Storage - The Prepper Post
1-4 of 5 Results