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  1. Economic, Precious Metals, Investing, Finance
    Get cheap silver way below retail! With TripleClicks Pricebender auctions you can aquire a considerable amount of silver for a very considerable small amount of money. Check it out for free. Visit TC | Silver76Pack--Silver Bar (1 Ounce) + 75 TCredits The last auction for one ounce of silver...
  2. Economic, Precious Metals, Investing, Finance
    Has anyone abandoned the dollar and just use gold, or have you started building up a personal gold reserve. I'm starting to and I want to know how successful some other people have been. Also I was going to travel to a gun show and I wanted to bring some gold to trade/make some purchases with...
  3. General Talk
    Disclaimer: I made and run the site I'm talking about below. However, I don't have any advertising, fees, or any other means of making money from it. I just wanted to make a site to help people (like me) buy and sell precious metals. Okay, so I started buying some silver, and was quickly...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi, I'm Evan Wilder, I stay in Detroit and yes, I do plan on leaving the city before "shit hitting the fans". Anyway, I am a newbie prepper who is actively stacking on food and silver while also unemployed. This is great because it forces me to be resourceful. Anyway, how are you guys doing?
  5. Books, Videos, Media, Podcasts
    The first person who introduced me into a sane method of thinking was Chris Duane with The Greatest Truth Never Told and his Sons of Liberty Academy. Now, he's selling silver (despite the trouble with Rob Gray). I have never had the opportunity to buy silver coins from him at all. Anyway, I...
  6. General Prepper and Survival Talk
    Why would anyone want to trade for gold or silver when SHTF? Gold and silver can't save your life. Gold would basically be worthless since you can't eat it, burn it, purify water with it. I guess they would want it to be rich when the disaster is over but why wouldn't they focus on actually...
1-6 of 6 Results