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  1. HandGuns, Pistols and Revolvers, Long Rifles,...
    Does anyone have experience with Hera Arms AR15 rifles? I saw an offer at a dealer: Hera Arms rifle (exact type unknown) Scope (type unknown) Flashlight (type unknown) 17- 30 shot magazine 1- 60 shot magazine For 2000$ Thanks in advance
  2. Books, Videos, Media, Podcasts
    This week we start off somber with a shooting in Texas. Then Denton goes on a rant about animals. We tell you about a Liberal traffic ticket and America is fed up with political correctness. Plus the Science desk...
  3. Books, Videos, Media, Podcasts
    This week the guys welcome competition shooter Kim Humphries to the show! And Denton blows his top about the Russian hacking.
  4. General Talk
    Since late last night, reports of 2 more mass shootings has occurred. Detroit - 10 Shot, 1 dead. Philadelphia - 7 Shot with no fatalities reported (kids involved) My question is why no MSM coverage? The local news reported something but nothing on FOX or MSNBC Any thoughts?
1-4 of 4 Results