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  1. General Prepper and Survival Talk
    What are your thoughts on trading/consuming cannabis post SHTF due to the general depression and anxiety that would become more common?
  2. General Prepper and Survival Talk
    I have heard many different negative and positive opinions on bug-in bunker/shelters. I personally believe that if you have the resources, in a SHTF situation, you should stay in your bunker as long as possible, through any situations. But that's my idea, what's yours? From me:vs_rocking_banana:
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone, My (user)name is Daedalus. I recently joined the ranks of preppers across the world and hope to learn much in my new journey. The primary reason I decided to become a prepper is due to the increasing hostility of our neighboring country: North Korea. With the recent birth of my...
  4. General Prepper and Survival Talk
    I've always had a passion for working with my hands but never gotten around to doing it until recently. Especially mechanical and electronic things, and well yeah I love watching video tuts on youtube on this sort of thing but I've noticed there aren't any channels that have things where my...
  5. HandGuns, Pistols and Revolvers, Long Rifles,...
    hello everyone. quick question. whats a good site to pick up ammo. im looking for hand gun and rifle i already know about is there anyother site that sells bulk ammo? is there anyone cheaper than cheaper than dirt? thanks suzuki
  6. Off Topic Lounge
    I am looking for a survivalist who is willing to share information and answer questions via phone on a live radio show. Can remain anonymous. Please leave a message here or some kind of contact information. Serious enquiries only please.
  7. Off Topic Lounge
    ...Gubmint collapse type scenario, SHTF, you're mobile (vehicle) and traveling down a side-road (freeways are useless) to your Bug Out Location where much of your supplies are. You suddenly come across someone lying motionless on the road in front of you. You're armed with your...
1-7 of 7 Results