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    This week we start off somber with a shooting in Texas. Then Denton goes on a rant about animals. We tell you about a Liberal traffic ticket and America is fed up with political correctness. Plus the Science desk...
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    Happy Constitution Day! Are you prepping Dentistry supplies? If not you may want to listen to this show. Also we listen to celebrities lecture us on climate change while they fly all over the globe, we expose part of the communist agenda to change this country and we'll point/counterpoint...
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    I've been sicker than a dog all weekend. Every few hours or so I climb out of my cave to post, most likely incoherent nonsense, here and then I go back for more sleep. Hope to be back up and running for next week! If you really need a fix you can always go back and catch one you may have...
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    Five of these things now and so far no one is throwing tomatoes. Whew! Denton gets a little serious on this one but it is a serious topic and something very timely.
1-4 of 4 Results