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  1. General Talk
    We Have been working on prepping for many many years. When it comes right down to it. It takes a group to survive. We have an amazing facility with everything already here and done. Way to much to list Been working on it for years. It's in the South East Mountains, surrounded on all sides by...
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    UPDATE: ALRIGHT, I get was my mistake - I could've sworn I put Blueridge foothills Virginia, but apparently I did for all of you asking, it's located in VIRGINIA. Closest town is Mt. Airy - 20 minutes south. Go easy on me will you? Retired citizen and still new at this computer...
  3. General Talk
    so. i would like to start the prepper lifestyle. i feel the government is getting worse by the second. i'm finding it harder and harder to put any trust on them. i would like to be self reliant or reliant with a group my current job has good job security. but for the work i do the pay is sub...
1-3 of 4 Results