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  1. General Prepper and Survival Talk
    Proper thing to do at this forum is to first introduce yourself , before you use you 1st post to try to sell something. Members here will not like the way you've "intro-douced" yourself :vs_no_no_no:
  2. General Prepper and Survival Talk
    I Live in Maine and bought 25 Acres In Northern Maine and Thinking about a starting a Off-Grid Community. It has Lots of Wild life and fishing and great farming soil. Im going up in the spring to start working on the land My son and GF will join me when school is out. If i go at it alone Im ok...
  3. Classifieds, Barter, Trade, Buy, Sell
    There's some prime bug out property for sale in Tennessee!
  4. Classifieds, Barter, Trade, Buy, Sell
    I have a Trace 4024 solar inverter , 4000 watts on a 24vdc battery system, it includes a 60 Amp outback power charge controller, all completely wired in a hurricane proof enclosure / outdoor rated, with all DC disconnects, 4 breaker AC subpanel and 4/0 battery cables. This is used, I used this...
  5. Alternative Energy (Wind, Solar, Hydro etc)
    I'm stoked about Elon's power wall. Right now it's at $3,000 to $3,500 depending on what model you get and that doesn't cover installation and getting permission from your local government and power provider. But the more these get bought and used, the cheaper they become and the more pressure...
  6. New Member Introductions
    A new member to this forum residing in the Pacific Northwest, hoping to build some contacts with members al,l over the country. I am becoming more and more concerned as to the rights and freedoms of us citizens, and lack thereof, while also being concerned as to the general state of of our...
1-6 of 6 Results