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  1. Livestock
    Hello friends, Where I live the weather change with seasons. In winter the temperature can reach -43 degrees. In summer, I must ventilate chicken coop. My set up: Idea for an all-season chicken coop
  2. Garden, Canning, Long Term Food Storage
    Here's my new article on how to: Animal Fodder Feed: Turn 50lbs of Grain Into 300lbs in 9 days. Watch me take a few ounces of Clover and turn it into an abundance of feed for my animals in less than 9 days. This article rocks! Enjoy! Desert Marine
  3. Livestock
    goat had 4 babies (: *update pics on pg2 she is a saanen. buck was a 50/50 pygmy-nigerian dwarf but not as small as they usually are. last year she had twins (bred to saanen buck) and that was her first time. this is her second time. cant wait until my other doe has hers! last time she went a...
1-3 of 3 Results