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    What is homesteading and why it matters and how to get start homesteading? In homesteading, there are a lot of things that we can do If we know the exact definition of the homesteading. If anyone knows what exact homesteading then share your thoughts.:tango_face_smile:
  2. General Prepper and Survival Talk
    Hello everyone! I need advice some advice if you kindly would. I am still new to prepping and I am trying my best but need a little help thinking things through. I have been looking online to buy a plot of land through websites like landwatch and landandfarm. I am currently in NYC (an...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hello!!! I am Becky. I live in Pompano Beach. I am engaged to a retired military vet;the things I have become concerned with where our economy is heading and if I am prepared if something happens to the power grid. We are a society of fossil-fuel dependent people. It took billions of years to...
  4. DIY
    Hello friends, I'm prepared... I built many things in my backyard. Using recycled materials... it's a cheap way... but not choice. Projects in my backyard: Homesteading projects
  5. Food, Health and Fitness Survival
    One of the factors I decided on fully is learning how to grow my own food. I can live without Internet. I can live without money. However, it's hard to live without water and food. I do believe that there's value in stacking food but I also believe that there's more value in growing your food...